Hotel New Ohruri

The Hotel New Ohruri has been seeking the quality of hot springs for 40 years. We welcome your visit with the best spa and hospitality.

I have been running accommodation industries for about 40 years at the Kinugawa Spa area. I got an idea of hot springs throughout the running that the best way to relax is to enjoy flesh and well qualified hot spring water. To offer and produce the fresh hot spring water, over 30 liters per minute yield are needed commonly. Even a bigger hotel needs over 80 liters per minute yield of water. My duty is owning spring sources and offering the hot springs which make our customers satisfy. Please enjoy the spa which cannot be exceeded by human power.

Relax and enjoy the hot springs.


Kinugawa Onsen is an area of spa located at Nikko, Tochigi; the upper reaches of the Kinu river.

On the Kinugawa Line Descent, you will enjoy the beauty of the Kinugawa valley which is made by nature. The Nikko Tosho-gu shrine which was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee is nearly located, so 2 million of tourists annually visit the descent. Around this area, there are five “Ohruri Group” hotels we offer. Also we offer a private bus from station to the hotels. We welcome your visit.

BUS TOUR The bus tours taking you to the good sightseeing spots!

Easy access to KINUGAWA


The Tobu Railway, which became more convenient by opening of the Tokyo Sky Tree, has various types of trains such as limited express, express train, and extra train. It is good to enjoy eating lunch on the train while enjoying the view from the window. Also, it is comfortable to go to the Kinugawa by bus or car.

Information on direct trains from Tokyo to Kinugawa Information on direct trains from Tokyo to Kinugawa

Kinugawa onsen Sta
Hotel New Ohruri

* The operation status of train wil might be changing.
Please refer the web page of JR or Tobu Railway how to purchase or buy train tickets.

Plan of long stay


Stay in slow life and be happy moment!

In 3 Days

How about the prolong stay plan to enjoy in slow life?
This is suitable for family trip!
Let’s relax and enjoy at our hotel and spots around the hotel.

After looking the traditional Japanese constructions which are the Kaminari-mon and the Senso-ji, come to Kinugawa Onsen with a train! The hotel is about 10 minutes walking distance from the Kinugawa-onsen station.




You can see the Kinu River every season from any rooms.
Please relax and lye on a tatami that smells of grass in a mood of Japanese.
You surly understand the reason why Japanese people love the tatami.
Why don’t you soak in the spa that are gentle on your skin and heal the tiredness of your long trip. The facility has a table tennis court, and a karaoke room.
Various facilities are available.

Japanese Spa
Japanese Tatami

About Hot Springs

Fountain quality / weakly alkaline simple fountain P.H: 8.4

Efficacy / Skin softening effect, neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, chronic gastrointestinal disease, Coldness etc.


Time of check in and check out / Check in ‒ 14:00 Check out ‒ 9:30

Amenity / Bath towel, face towel, teeth brush, and Yukata.

Bath / 14:00 to 9:00

Information on Recommended Plan

Standard Plan 10/1/2019~

Breakfast Only Plan 10/1/2019~

One person Plan 10/1/2019~


Hotel charge for age of 0 / For free. (However, meals and futons are not available)

Reservation minimum number of people during December 31 to January 2 / Over 2 people.

Payment method / Please pay by cash at checkout. (Can not use the credit card)

The charge is same if you did not eat the hotel dinner.

<Cancellation fee>

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